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Syncing for Positivity 

Learn how to sync your cycle, exercise, nutation, body image and mindset into your cycle for less stress and a better cycle. 

Includes - 

4 modules 

Syncing your Exercise 

Syncing your Food

Syncing your Body Image 

Syncing your mindset

Cycle calendar and planner to help you easily sync your cycle to create a stress free cycle, healthier mindset and more self love.    


Young Mother and Baby

Pre and Post Natal 6 week Course 

Re gain your core strength, learn to breathe whilst exercising, ease you way back into exercise after having your bubs. 

What this course includes -
6 weeks of exercise classes
x 3 workouts a week 
All online in the comfort of your own home
Learn to breathe whilst exercising
Lean how how to do your everyday mummy movement's safely. 
Work out your own pace with 90 days to complete the 6 week course. 
Perfect for all fitness levels.


Fitness Ladies

BBS Ultimate 8 Week Self Love Challenge 

This ultimate self love challenge is all about tuning into that 



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