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BBS timetable .heic

Pilates + Sculpt 

Designed to burn fat, tone, and strength, BBS unique mix of Pilates, Barre, and strength. With no boring bits just lots of burning. A 45 minutes of sculpting and toning muscles. A high-energy & low-intensity class. Focusing on the stabilising muscles which is suitable for all levels and ages as well as women who are pre & postnatal. 

HIIT + Plyo

For a fit, lean, and strong beautiful body, our version of a HIIT and circuit-style workout. An effective and results-focused class where we combine progressive pilates, resistance-based cardio, and equipment-based weights training. A structured 45-minute circuit class focused on increasing fitness capacity, lean muscle mass, and gaining strength and power. It’s a circuit-style class with rest or active rest periods that can be synced to your cycle. Suitable for all levels and ages and modifications are given where needed. 

Yoga + Recharge

Yoga + Recharge - Clam, Relaxed and Supple. A full body relaxation class, releasing all expectations of the body and allowing the body to fully release, stretch & let go. Focusing on relieving tight and stressed areas of the body with some meditation and breathing for a beautiful sense of bliss. 45-minute class, suitable for all levels and ages. 

Aerobics  + Cardio

Low-impact aerobics cardio class, this class is broken down into 45-second intervals of dance moves, followed by a break or a plyometric exercise, and then it's all repeated. There is no weird moving around the room like a baby giraffe, or frustration when you can't get the steps right, all abilities and fitness levels will love this class. You will work up a sweat and won't even know you are working hard, it's a fun way to do cardio.   



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