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At Beautiful Bodies Society we help women of all ages to ‘unlock’ the power of their period and hormones, by adopting a sync-to-cycle approach to health, food, and fitness. We are different, we love our hormones and take a holistic approach to your health and wellness by combining hormone health education, fitness, and nutrition to help better support your body at all stages of your cycle. The results we have seen have been phenomenal – from improved health to weight loss and more.


We respect and honour the female body, and acknowledge that it’s okay to have bad days, sleepy days, and energy fluctuations at different times of the month. We look at your period as though it’s an end-of-month report card, then we address your hormones like they’re your secret soul sister giving you messages to keep your stress down and tell you when to go hard at life, and when to slow down.


Our programs are designed to work with your natural hormonal cycle. Our unique in-person and online fitness classes can be synced to your cycle, and how you are feeling. Our 1:1 hormone health coaching for women at all stages of their life, Get Synced app and online group programs allow us to support you on this journey as you learn to better understand your body, change your lifestyle, and take control of your hormones. Creating a healthier lifestyle becomes easy with the help of Beautiful Bodies Society. 


Are you ready to change your life, love your beautiful body, and GET SYNCED? 

An images of women all ages and stages of life doin pilates with Beautiful Bodies Society
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