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Meet Jade Leray, the visionary behind Beautiful Bodies Society and the groundbreaking Get Synced app. With an impressive array of qualifications including being a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist, Women's Health and Hormone Coach Practitioner, Biomedx Certified Flow Practitioner, and NLP Practitioner, Jade has revolutionised the way women approach health and fitness.

Drawing from over 14 years of industry experience and her own personal struggles with gut and autoimmune issues, Jade understands the intricacies of the female body like no other. At Beautiful Bodies Society, it's not just about diet and exercise. Jade takes a holistic approach, delving into your entire lifestyle and mindset to create customised plans that will transform your life and help you embrace your beautiful body.

As a body-positive and menstrual cycle coach, Jade empowers women to prioritise health over size, while also acknowledging that weight loss can be a desired goal. Every aspect of your cycle and hormones is considered, allowing you to destress and truly embrace a healthier and happier life. No two individuals are the same, which is why Jade and her team tailor their plans to suit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Experience the transformative power of sync-to-cycle living with Beautiful Bodies Society. It's time to embrace health, love your body, and unlock your true potential.

Jade Leray, menstrual coach and PT, with blonde hair, weaing black and baby pink workout gear.
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